Berry Vegan Cupcakes


Berry Vegan Cupcakes got it's start at a preschool birthday party and grew into a vegan dessert company in 2017. We later began vending at local farmer's markets and festivals. Through the business adjustments, our core philosophy has not changed;  build trust in the home through food to promote home-based education.

As society shifts into a wave of consciousness, things like our heath, education, and even our shelter are being more threatened. Children are not surviving in schools or at home. Parents, teachers and local officials alike are not emotionally equipped to handle the pressures put on us and our children, alone. But together, we can facilitate growth and true expansion.

We are happy to introduce “The Unfolding Project”; our initiative to educate families and communities about healthier eating, while promoting home-based education. 

Our company is partly operated by the home schooled students of Ubuntu Learning Academy, a nonprofit designed to offer families a (w)holistic, well rounded education. 

We are extremely thankful for your love and support and we invite you to "blossom with every bite". 

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